Surface conditioning Disc

2inch Coarse surface conditioning disc 50mm

Roloc Discs 2 Inch Roll Lock Quick Change Discs with 1pcs 1/4'' Holder Surface Conditioning Discs Fine Medium Coarse for Die Grinder Surface Strip Grind Polish Burr Finish Rust Paint Removal


Size: 2" 50mm  3" 75mm

Girt: coarse, medium, fine, super fine

Color: Brown, red, blue, gray

Type: R, S

Pack: 50pcs/box



WIDE APPLICATIONS: Surface Conditioning Discs are ideal for surface prep and finishing work, excellent for final cleaning, debarring, finishing, or rust and gasket removal

Universal Male Type-R Connection, quick change locking device

Compatible Disc for Stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous materials and alloys, plastic and fiberglass

2inch (50mm)
Brown, coarse
Red, medium
Blue, fine
3inch (75mm)
4 Inch  (100MM)
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