The main application for 3M 7447 scotch brite pad

7447 is high efficiency industrial grinding product of 3M for general purpose use, with imported high strength fiber as the base material, and then bonded with selected high quality abrasives. It is mainly used in wood working and metal markets and has excellent flexibility, versatility and grinding uniformity.


Product Good Features:


Flexible grinding: it can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching the workpiece surface, will not change the shape of the workpiece size


Self-sharpening grinding: with the continuous wearing of fiber in the grinding process of products, the new abrasive will be exposed for polishing, it not only ensure a long service life and also provide you with consistent processing quality products.


Consistency of grinding: abrasive grain is evenly distributed in the fiber, excellent wire drawing lines of workpiece surface, uniform and consistent

ö Main Application:


Mainly used in metal and woodworking markets

  It can be used for derusting, cleaning, grinding, polishing and surface treatment of all kinds of metal surface before painting

  Also used for woodworking operations, such as ash, deburring, edge grinding, paint before and after the surface treatment

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