Strip It Disc & Stripping Wheels

Strip & Clean Discs with 1/4

Strip & Clean Discs with 1/4 Shaft (Blue) 4x1/4


Size availabel: 2inch 3inch  4inch 5inch

Abrasive; silicon carbide

Color:  black, purple, blue, orange

Strip and clean disc applies for sanding interface grinding, oil pipe burr removal, ceramic bottom polishing c1/2ar surface paint removal and so on. Easy to strip discs clean & remove paint, rust and oxidation


2" 50mm Poly Disc Strip Wheel Paint Rust Remover Paint Stripping Wheel Grinding Tools with 6mm Shank 5pcs/pack

* Uniform grinding effect, less dust and low noise
* For use with most makes of 4" (100mm) angle grinders
* For removal of rust, paint and flaking materials

* Used for surface preparation, conditioning and finishing

2inch (50mm)
black, purle, blue
3inch (75mm)
                                      4.5inch  115mm

                                       4inch (100mm)
                                        black, purle, blue
                                      5inch (125mm)
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